Early Childhood Development Center Kaleidoscope’s preschool program has 12 to 14 students per class, one teacher and one assistant teacher.

Preschool activities

Math and Literacy: Children are introduced to numbers, shapes, colors, patterns, compare and contrast. Every day children read and discuss stories. They play with letters and their sounds.

Music: Early Childhood Development Center Kaleidoscope’s Music and Movement Program celebrates your child’s love of nature and promotes their growing independence through activities involving the four seasons. It incorporates singing, chanting, moving, focused listening, musical games, exploring and playing musical instruments, creative movement and storytelling.

Art: Young artists explore and build upon art concepts and techniques such as line, texture, shape, color, space and value. Children use a variety of art media including drawing, painting, cutting, gluing and building.

Dance and Creative Movement: This class is filled with fun movements, games, dance and more! This class promotes good posture, flexibility and artistic expression.

Story-Time Adventure: Every Wednesday, children see a story come alive. We explore different fairy tales and nursery rhymes while learning to play and imagine together. Children dress up, play, sing, dance and have an adventure!

Science and Social Studies: Our project-based activities increase children’s awareness of nature, of themselves and of their families and friends.

Children love the variety these activities add to their week!

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